11 Best Brands You Need in Your Budget EDC Pocket Knife and Wrist Watch Collection
It's our goal here at Arena Accessories to stock the best quality EDC products that we can find, for the lowest prices.  Coming back in stock very soon, we have SKMEI, Megalith, Megir, Naviforce, Tevise (automatic mechanical), BeWell (wood) watches, Sanrenmu, RUIKE, Komoran, and balisong pocket knives.  It's the fourth quarter, and we know that the busy buying season is upon us.  It's our goal to keep the hottest products in stock, so that you can get them as quickly as you need them!

Private labeling is older than the hills.  Being in the marketing world for many years, we know all about it.  You can buy a $1-2 genuine silk necktie online straight from China, but once they sew on a designer label to the same neck tie, you are now going to pay upwards of $20-50 for that same little piece of fabric.  We are cut from the cloth that KNOWS better than this.  Name brands do not define the quality of the product underlying.  If you think that is true, then please shop elsewhere.  I can even show you examples of the same products, only with different private label names on them.  They were made by the same people, with the same quality control, within the same factories, and with the same amount of care.  

If you've never heard of some of these watch or pocket knife brands that we are carrying, we would be happy to explain to you why they are the most bang-for-your-buck.  First off, when it comes to the wrist watches... there are really only two things that matter.  Good build quality, and the actual watch movement inside of the watch case.  The movement is the "engine" of the watch.  Imagine buying a Toyota Corolla, and then popping the hood and discovering that there was a 2JZ-GTE Toyota Supra motor inside!  That's basically what you're getting with the watches that we carry.  You're buying a quality-made watch from wrist watch companies who are doing incredible work, and inside, they are using genuine Japan-made Epson (Seiko) or Miyota (Citizen) quartz movements.  Most of our automatic mechanical Tevise, Winner, and other brand watches use Chinese standard mechanical movements in them called the "tongji" movement.  This is a movement that's been being perfected since the 1970s, and they keep incredibly accurate time at a really low price point.  We are sure to note the type of movement in our listing descriptions, but if we have missed any simply contact us.  We will do the best we can to find the information for you.

On to the list:  Here are 10 amazing budget-friendly knife and timepiece brands you need to check out, and a brief description of why they are noteworthy.  We'll start with the knives first.

EDC Knives:

Sanrenmu is a company that uses incredible materials and craftsmanship.  The action on their products is killer.  This company actually also manufactures for many other American brands, such as Spyderco, SOG, and even is the manufacturer behind Ruike, Real Steel, and many others that get high praise.  Most of their blades are at least 8Cr14MoV, but most are Sandvik 12C27 or 14C28 steel.  These are materials that give you more bang for your buck than traditional 3cr13 or 440A stainless.  They will have much longer edge retention, and still be easy enough to refresh with a sharpener.

Every Komoran we have gotten in our hands has felt like a $100+ knive model.  Most of them feature buttery-smooth action via ball bearing pivots, and also feature incredible handle scale materials such as unique colors of carbon-fiber and G10. 

When you search "ruike" (pronounced, RAKE) on youtube, you will see these being applauded as one of the hottest budget brands out right now.  Ruike is the same company that makes the incredible Fenix flashlights.  Their knives are mostly ball bearing models, and being manufactured by Sanrenmu... they are an incredible value as well as high-quality. 

Another knife brand that will blow you away, for under $40 shipped.  Their knives mostly feature 440C steel which has amazing durability and edge retention.  Their axis lock models will have you saying, "Benchmade who?".  For the price of 1 Benchmade, you can buy 4 or 5 Ganzos.  The thing that is crazy, is they are just as durable; aside from the slight differences in steel variety.

#5  SR Knives
SR Knives is not to be confused with Sanrenmu.  They are a separate company, but they makes some really cool knives for price with really great craftsmanship.  If solid-lockup is something that matters to you, their knives all have it.  Most are framelock designs, but some of their models are linerlock.  Their knives with ball-bearing pivots are an extra joy to flip.

EDC Wrist Watches:

#6  Naviforce
This is one of our all time favorite budget watch brands.  They all feature Seiko Japan quartz movements, and the build quality of the watch cases and link bracelets is amazing!  If we had to vote for our favorite all-around best budget watch brand, then it would no doubt be Naviforce, with SKMEI being a close second.  

Great build quality, and all of them use Seiko quartz movements.

#8  Megalith / Biden / Civo
Megalith models come in both Japan and Chinese (Sunon) movements, but we try and focus on the varieties with Japan movements.  The Sunon movements are still super-reliable, although some of the movement gears within are plastic.  For the cost, they will still last you many years as well as keep accurate time. Biden watches all have Japan movements, and are another brand of this same company.  Civo is the manufacturer's third brand, also with some killer designs.

#9  BeWell
Wooden watches, huh?  Yes, we thought these were a little hipster at first... but once you finally get one on your wrist, you will be sure to be impressed!  They are so lightweight that you almost won't even remember you have a watch on your wrist.  BeWell uses only Japan Miyota (Citizen) quartz movements in their wrist watches.  

#10  Tevise
If you want the best value and quality for your money when it comes to an automatic-mechanical wrist watch, then look no further.  Tevise uses the Chinese standard tongji movement, and their bracelets are never rattly.  The clasps are solid, the finishes are elegant, and even most of the bezels even rotate.  When it comes to submariner homage watches, their T801A is the best version to grab.    

#11  MegirMini Focus
Megir is a company making some killer designs.  Their quartz movements within are Sunon China-made movements, but if you prefer Japan movements, then you can check out their Mini Focus "minimalist" brand as well. All Mini Focus watches feature Japanese movements.

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