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1969 M9 BULOVA Accutron 14k GOLD FILLED Fresh Battery Tested 2181 ORIGINAL BOX

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Preowned Vintage Bulova M9 Accutron 14k Gold Filled Watch in good working order.  
  • The battery was just replaced, and it is running exactly as it should.  
  • The crystal is nearly scratch-free!  Only a few tiny flaws if you look at it under loupes.  This is really a lightly-worn copy.  It has no major scratches on the case, either.  
  • 2181 movement. The second hand sweeps (it doesn't tick) - it runs more smooth than a Rolex, on these models
  • Original box is included, and in excellent overall condition
PLEASE Note: This is a pre-owned watch.  The only flaws are as follows:
  • One of the tiny screws that holds the battery tie-down was not reinstalled, as the hole for it seems to be a bit stripped.  Regardless of this, the watch still operates just fine with just one battery-tie-down screw in place. It has been wear-tested here around the office and keeps excellent time.  The extra screw will be included if you want to try and add some thread-locker or light epoxy to it to get it to stay in the hole.
  • The original leather strap is in great overall shape, but we would give it an 8 out of 10 because there is a 1" inch section of the skinny side strap that has some separation on the stitching.
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