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3 Knife LOT Counter Strike CS:GO Huntsman Bowie Karmabit Blade Call of Duty BLUE

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3 Piece CS:GO Stainless Steel Tactical Knife Gift Set

BRAND NEW in Gift Box   -   Ships FAST!   -   Knives include nylon sheaths with belt loop

This is one sweet setup!  Our new Atomic Blue Triple Set gives you a dynamic threesome that would definitely put you ahead of the game.  Each knife features a stainless steel blade with an atomic blue metallic finish and durable TPU secure-grip handles. In the set, you get a 7 1/2ï¾” karambit, an 8 1/2ï¾” Huntsman and a 7 1/2ï¾” military-style clip point fixed blade knife. Each knife comes in a sturdy nylon sheath. Hold the power of real atomic energy in your hand today!


  • This triple set is a definite game winner
  • Stainless steel blades with metallic blue finish
  • Durable TPU secure-grip handles
  • Karambit: Overall length, 7 1/2ï¾” inches
  • Huntsman: Overall length, 8 1/2ï¾” inches
  • Military knife: Overall length, 7 1/2ï¾” inches
  • Each has sturdy nylon sheath
  • Ideal Gift for your Loved Ones
  • Can be used as Camping, Hiking, Hunting, or Survival Knives
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