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Army Green Pocket Knife Spring Assist Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber Style Stonewash

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Army Green / Stonewash Ballistic Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife
with Glass Breaker / Seat Belt Cutter / Pocket Clip

On a budget for your EDC (everyday carry) collection?  Here is the perfect knife for you, designed in the USA.  This one we think looks like a Star Wars "Jedi style" knife.  You have to push the blade open with the flipper tab portion of the blade before the spring assist kicks in.  It is super smooth, and very easy to open.  No... you aren't going to find a knife this nice in your local sporting goods store for this LOW price.


  • Spring assisted knife (legal carry in most states)
  • 3.5" 3mm thick blade, stainless steel
  • Stone-washed finish half serrated blade
  • 4.5" closed
  • Stonewashed stainless steel bolster handle with army green nylon fiber overlay
  • Seat belt cutter 
  • Glass breaker
  • Pocket clip

Opening it is the same as a regular folder, but once the opening process is manually started, then the internal spring assist kicks in and helps it to fully open. 

 Please check your local laws prior to purchasing.  Buyer agrees that they are of legal age to purchase and own this knife in their state. 

Why buy from us?  Because we care about our customers, and would never sell them anything that wasn't good enough for our own family.  We appreciate every single purchase, and always strive to exceed your expectations!  Read our feedback for real testimonials of how we conduct business.

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