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Classy Vintage Look Pocket Knife Rainbow Pearl Scrollwork Spring Assist Flipper

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When it comes to Master Cutlery, they put out some really nice budget-friendly and collectible knives; but their Master's Collection is their 'cream of the crop' in terms of both quality and good looks.  The blade on this gorgeous model deploys SO SMOOTH with fast spring assist, and is built extremely well overall.  It's overall weight is not too heavy, and not too light.  Choose your favorite color - Rainbow or Chrome Silver!  Search our other items in the store to find the rainbow version.  This same model knife is sold under a variety of brands, such as Boker Magnum and Kriegar.  The one you are buying is imported by Master Cutlery, under their Masters Collection line.  This is a really nice conversation piece, and a staff favorite.  If you have any questions, please message us!
  • Spring Assisted Pocket Knife
  • 3.25" inch, 3mm Thick Blade, 440 Stainless Steel
  • Mirror Chrome Blade & Handle
  • 4.5" inches Closed
  • White Resin Underlay Scrollwork Covered Handle
  • Includes Pocket Clip

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