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Concealed Carry Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife Neck Knife w/ Finger Hole EDC Sheath

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Looking for a budget-friendly fixed blade that you can mount any way you'd like?  Look no further.  Whether you want this knife at your side, under your belly, or in the small of your back... this one mounts both ways. This model slides easily in and out of its plastic sheath, and will serve you well if you prefer a "ready for action" fixed-blade over a pocket knife folder.  It's finger hole is also comfortable and help support a firm grip.

  • Brand new in box
  • Full-tang fixed blade knife with finger hole 
  • Sharp 3" inch blade (2.5" inch sharpened portion) stainless steel blade
  • Overall Length: 7"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Black Sheath with Chain Included - Belt Slots on Sheath are 1.125" wide
  • Mount this through a belt at a few different angles if using a thinner belt around 1" (see pics)
  • Exceptionally lightweight at just 3.3 oz (including the sheath)
  • Black nylon fiber handle scales
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