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Gunmetal Gray Pocket Knife Spring Assist Billet Holes Thumb Stud Legal EDC Blade

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Grey Handle MTech Tactical Spring Assist Open Knife Two-Tone Blade

This great medium-duty knife has a smooth and quick spring assisted operation!  Once you begin to manually push the thumb stud to a certain point, the spring kicks in and opens the knife the rest of the way.  Smooth and easy opening operation.  Because this is a spring-assisted blade, it is a in most states!  

Mtech continues to prove themselves in the line of duty. You'll be truly amazed for what you get at such amazing prices! Incredible build-quality, exceptional steel, uncompromising design, and unbeatable value are just some of benefits that you'll get when you purchase a product made by Mtech.

  • Liner Locking System
  • 3.5'' 2.8mm thick 440 stainless steel blade
  • 4.5'' Closed in Length
  • Overall Length 8" inches
  • Black & Satin 2 tone blade
  • Grey anodized aluminum handle
  • Includes pocket clip
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Please check your local laws prior to purchasing.  Buyer agrees that they are of legal age to purchase and own this knife in their state. 

Why buy from us?  Because we care about our customers, and would never sell them anything that wasn't good enough for our own family.  We appreciate every single purchase, and always strive to exceed your expectations!  Read our feedback for real testimonials of how we conduct business.


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