Black Friday 2020 Pocket Knife Deals

Black Friday 2020 Pocket Knife Deals

Let's all agree that 2020 has been a whole bunch of malarkey, and nobody likes to have to jump for "limited time" deals unless they're fooling themselves.  This year (2020) has been a load of garbage, for pretty much all of
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The Best Place to Buy Knives and Wrist Watches Online During the Coronavirus Covid19 Quarantine

The Best Place to Buy Knives and Wrist Watches Online During the Coronavirus Covid19 Quarantine

Arena Accessories is the best place to shop online for budget friendly pocket knives, wrist watches, and other EDC gear now, and always!  We wanted to take this time to let our customers that we are still 100% operational, and will continue to stay open through this covid19 shutdown that is affecting a lot of businesses.  Our home state of Connecticut has shut down all non-essential businesses, except for those that can still continue working from a home office.  Thankfully, that is allowing us to still be open for business and able to provide you and your family with more great products. 

Business has been pretty steady, despite the tough economic climate.  We weren't quite sure what was going to happen, as many are out of work right now.  We know that more folks have been staying home on quarantine just to be safe, and it is very wise to do so.  

Arena Accessories is a small family business, but it is the only business we are currently engaged in, full time.  My wife Christy also works in the dental industry, which for the time being, has been shut down (except for emergencies).  Therefore, she has been laid off from her job and has lost most of her pay.  We are thankful to still be able to be open and operational, not only to provide for our family during this tough economic time, but also to give you guys another great place to shop.  If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to text us via live chat, telephone, or email.  

Our shipping times have slightly changed, to avoid added, unnecessary trips out to germy post offices. All orders that come in before 9am EST on weekdays will ship out within the hour. Any orders that are placed after 10am EST will ship the following morning. We normally don't like to work on weekends but for the next month or two, orders placed before Saturday at 9am EST will ship out Saturday morning.  Sunday orders will be shipped out Monday morning.  Thank you for your continued support, and we hope that everyone stays healthy by following CDC and local government health guidelines.  Good hygiene, extra cleaning, and social distancing are things we are personally practicing.  We hope that very soon we are all going to be back to our more "normal" way of life.  

New knives, wrist watches, and EDC items are coming soon, and being added daily:
  • Balisong / Butterfly Knife Dull Practice Trainers
  • Balisong / Butterfly Knives
  • OTF Automatic Dual-Action Knives
  • Godfather Style Stiletto Switchblades with Bolster Locks
  • Budget Friendly MTech, Wartech, Tac-Force Pocket Knives
  • Sanrenmu Fixed Blades and Manual Folders
  • Budget Friendly Automatic Wrist Watches by Tevise and Winner
  • Budget Friendly Japan Quartz Wrist Watches by Skmei, Civo, Megalith, and Biden
  • Fixed Blade Knives, Neck Knives, and Boot Knives for Utility and Self Defense
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Enter to Win a Free Wrist Watch from Our First Arena Accessories Giveaway Contest

Enter to Win a Free Quartz or Automatic Mechanical Wrist Watch from Arena Accessories

We have partnered with the 'My Affordable Watch Collection' YouTube channel to bring you an incredible giveaway!  To celebrate their 1000 subscribers, they are offering up one of our wrist watches to those who both subscribe to the My Affordable Watch Collection YouTube channel, as well as the Arena Accessories mailing list. Then, like the YouTube video (link below) and leave a comment on it.  You are free to enter, no matter what country you live in.  The prize is any wrist watch that we carry (that is available and in stock), up to $50 in retail value.  Worldwide free shipping is included!  The contest deadline is March 14th, 2020.  

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Black Friday EDC Pocket Knife and Wrist Watch Deals - Our Biggest Sale Ever - Up to 30% OFF

Black Friday EDC Pocket Knife and Wrist Watch Deals - Our Biggest Sale Ever - Up to 30% OFF

You don't need to wait for Friday, November 29th in order to get incredible deals on pocket knives, watches, or other great gifts.  You also don't need to stand in a long line, or freeze your butt off while you wait!  We wanted to let this sale rip early in November this year, to celebrate an amazing year.  As a small family business, we really do care about our customers and this is the least we can do for all of the support.  We've met a ton of really cool people, and we almost doubled our selection since we started.  As we approach the end of this year, it's nice to reflect on that.  We are going to be listing a ton of new products.  We probably spent more on inventory than we even made, to tell the honest truth.  We're in this for the long haul, and we want to continue offering the pocket knives, wrist watches, and edc accessories that are the 'best-bang-for-your-buck'. 

The sale is really simple... and the more you buy, the more you save!  All orders still have free domestic USA shipping. You can spend just $20 or more and take 20% off your order.  Level up to 25% off when you spend $50 or more.  Ultimate bargain hunters can take a whopping 30% off  their order of $100 or more!  This sale excludes items that are already marked 'on sale' (which is only a handful of MAP-priced items) and multi-quantity discounts.  This great Black Friday offer ends on December 1st, 2019, so please plan accordingly.

We aren't sure about if we'll be doing anything special for Cyber Monday... if we do, we'll only be releasing that info on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Be sure to follow us (links are at the bottom of this page) so that you don't miss out.
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Best Beginner Budget Butterfly Knife Featured on the Balisongs for Breakfast YouTube Channel

Our budget friendly best beginner balisong / butterfly knife was featured in a review on the Balisongs for Breakfast YouTube channel.  This great horizontal concealed carry model features an in-depth review by host Mike.  Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about bali's, and offers an unbiased and honest opinion on this model.  

Be sure to subscribe to the Balisongs for Breakfast YouTube channel for more great balisong / butterfly knife reviews!  
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